Congratulations to our Scholarship and Grant Award Recipients

for the 2022-2023 Season


Front Row:  Ava Chafin, Eva Slonin, John Marquardt, Meghan Enyart, Karen Hanna

Back Row:  Elim Huang, Samantha Bennett, Tessa Leverman, Madelyn Bussom

Treasure Coast Yout Symphony Fall 2020 Virtual Music Theory Workshop Series performance of "Let It Be"!

Educating the next generation to preserve, create, and celebrate our musical heritage.

Our 2023 Concerto Competition Winner, Andrea Martine, Violist!

Thank you to all of our private and public donors and grantors for their support in keeping TCYS music education program opportunities active for our youth during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Treasure Coast Youth Symphony performance

Miss Martine, a senior at Martin County High School, has been studying viola for more than 11 years. She is currently principal violist for the Indian River Pops Orchestra and the Bach's Children's Music School Senior Ensemble


Front Row: Alexandra Gerohristodoulos, Paris Lopez, Zahava Misshula (Kellin Greenberg Memorial Award), Giselle Arana-Cisneros, Andrea Martine, Quincy Tran

Back Row:  Jacob Ingrum, Lucas Schwerdtfeger, Jonathan Tinoco, Kimberly Savage, Ariana Lora, Andrew Whitlach