City of Port St. Lucie Civic Center
9221 SE Civic Center Place
Port St. Lucie, Florida 34952
Open Seating
$10.00 at the door

The Eissey Campus Theatre
11051 Campus Drive
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Adults $16.00 / Students $8.00
**Special pricing available in advance
for groups of 10 or more

Tickets sold through

and at the door (Open Seating)

Theatre information:  561 207 5900

The Episcopal Church of the

Good Shepherd
400 Seabrook Drive, Tequesta
Adults $10.00 / Students $5.00

Lyric Theatre
59 SW Flagler Avenue
Stuart, Florida
Adults $20.00 / Students $15.00
(Call Box Office for student tickets)
**Special pricing available in advance
for groups of 10 or more.

Waxlax Center For The

Performing Arts
St. Edward's Upper School Campus
1895 St. Edwards Drive,
Vero Beach, Florida
All tickets $10.00

Tickets sold through or
at the door (Open Seating)
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What is inspiration?  This is a question pondered by philosophers, theologians, and psychologists from earliest civilizations.  Does it come from within, or is it external?  Is it divine, a sacred revelation?  Or, is it the product of conscious and subconscious human experience?  Many people describe it as “a gust of wind.”  The Latin origin of the word is “inspirare” - to breathe in.

This concert celebrates the works of “inspired” composers who are the creators of some of the most sublime music of the ages, Tchaikovsky, Handel, Saint Saens, and Wagner.  This concert will also include Brandon Gunter, our 2019 Concerto Competition winner, who will perform his selection by Edouard Lalo.Type your paragraph here.

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TCYS Fall 2018


  First Presbyterian Church, Vero Beach

  Lyric Theatre, Stuart

   Eissey Campus Theatre, Palm Beach Gardens

Concert Dates

McCartney Mania, South Florida’s most popular Beatles tribute band and the Academy Orchestra come together in another symphonic rock extravaganza.  This concert features WHITE ALBUM hits at 50 years and an assortment of all-time favorite Beatles music. One of the most influential music groups ever, the Beatles forever changed the world of music.  Not only were their songs unique in their form and structure, but they often added never attempted and highly creative sound recording techniques.  All arrangements and orchestration of this collaboration are by Thomas Servinsky, the Academy Orchestra’s conductor and director.

Academy Orchestra

January 5, 2019

  Lyric Theatre, Stuart

TCYS Spring 2019


  Hobe Sound Bible College

  Hobe Sound


  Lyric Theatre



  Eissey Campus Theatre

  Palm Beach Gardens


  Church of the Good Shepherd

  Tequesta, 561-746-4674 

     Linking the physics of music to motion and emotion this concert explores some powerful dance themes by composers from around the world.  A desire to physically express oneself through movement is a universal human reaction to the vibrations of musical instruments.  In this performance our composers sound their stories for ballet and dance that often include motifs from the folk music of their home countries….United States, Mexico, Armenia, Austria, and Russia.
     This concert features Igor Stravinsky’s Petrushka, Khachaturian’s Adagio from Spartacus, Copland’s Hoedown from Rodeo, Strauss’s Blue Danube, Gliere’s Russian Sailor Dance from The Red Poppy, and Marquez’s Danzon No. 2.