Certification of active participation and regular attendance for this series of workshops will be required to apply for music education grants at the end of the 2021 season.  If auditions are held for the 2021-2022 concert performance season, returning members must have completed either the Fall or Spring Workshop series to be eligible to apply for the TCYS music education grant program at the end of the 2021-2022 season.  The grant application form is available here.

The Virtual Workshop Series will be moderated and instructed by Dr. Lindsey Reymore in conjunction with TCYS conductors, Thomas Servinsky, Dr. John Enyart, and Benjamin Enyart

Dr. Lindsey Reymore

Covid 19 has caused a huge requirement to adapt to a new but temporary status of almost everthing in every day life.  Participation in our 34 year old orchestral training program serving our area's most talented young musicians is not exempt.  Large ensemble rehearsals are not feasible and venues are closed for the safety of their performers, audiences and employees.

HOWEVER, education and learning is a lifelong and life-giving factor in securing our well-being as humans.  For this reason we have put together an alternate plan and we are going forward with a program that may well become part of our regular programs.

Virtual Workshop Series Spring 2021

Who can participate in the Virtual Workshop Series?

The Virtual Workshop Series 2020 has been designed specifically for the Treasure Coast Youth Symphony by Dr. Lindsey Reymore (TCYS member, oboe, 2003-2008 - lindseyreymore.com) in coordination with the organization's three conductors, Thomas Servinsky (Managing Conductor), Dr. John Enyart (founder), and Benjamin Enyart. The course is open to all serious amateur musicians who play in large ensembles or would like to play in large ensembles in the future.  For example, saxophonists who primarily play in wind ensembles/band, would also gain from the workshop curriculum.

Past TCYS members who intend to audition again for the next TCYS performance semester are strongly encouraged to enroll in the program.  High school and advanced middle school musicians who have not previously been a member of the orchestra but who wish to audition in the future are also strongly encouraged to register for this wonderful educational opportunity.

Music Theory Workshop (December 2019)

Who are the Virtual Workshop Series Instructors?

Dates:  Mondays, beginning

​March 8, 2021 thru April 26, 2021

Time:  6:00 pm to 7:00/7:30

Location:  ZOOM

(details upon registration)

Tuition.:  $75.00

What is the Virtual Workshop Series About?

The Virtual Workshop Series will continue our orchestral training program by covering important elements of musicianship and professionalism in more depth than can be included during rehearsals for major performances, but that will enrich our young musicians' understanding of the music played and enhance the quality of TCYS concerts. This semester's series of all new content focuses on applying musicianship skills through writing original music, seeking to encourage students to explore their musical creativity in a fun and supportive environment. No previous experience writing music is required.

Participants will:

  • develop their understanding of music theory and musical fluency
  • explore what makes their favorite music great to listen to
  • create their own music and develop their voice as a composer/songwriter

Is there a charge to participate in the Virtual Workshop Series?

Yes, the tuition is $75.00 for the eight sessions.  Each session is expected to be one to one and a half hours depending on the materials to be covered.  Funding for this program is heavily augmented by support from the Women Supporting the Arts and Treasure Coast Youth Symphony's generous donors whose interests include promoting music and the arts as an important facet of youth education and our cultural heritage.

Will TCYS continue its Scholarship/Grant Program?  If so, who will be eligible?

TCYS conductors, (left to right)

Thomas Servinsky, John Enyart PhD, Benjamin Enyart

TCYS has a merit award and grant program at the end of each season for orchestra members.  Depending on funds available, TCYS plans to provide continuing music educational grants for summer 2021 study with expectations as always, that recipients will return the following season with a successful audition.

Due to the special pandemic situation this year, high school and middle school workshop participants who have not been members of past TCYS orchestras who have completed either the  fall or spring semester workshops will be eligible to apply for an education grant.  Music education grants are awarded for music lessons, summer music camps, instrument purchases and repairs.  Grant funds are paid directly to the music teachers, camps, or vendor. 

Lindsey Reymore, PhD is a postdoctoral fellow at McGill University in Quebec, Canada with the ACTOR project (Analysis, Creation, and Teaching of Orchestration), a global network of musicians and scientists working on projects related to musical timbre and orchestration. Her research applies interdisciplinary methodologies, using approaches from behavioral psychology and data analytics in combination with musical analysis.  Dr. Reymore received her PhD in Music Theory from The Ohio State University, Master of Music in Oboe Performance from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Bachelor of Music in oboe performance from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.
Dr. Reymore's Bio and Curriculum Vitae here

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