Concerto Competition Registration Form

     Musicians are required to receive approval from the TCYS conductors for the piece and movements to be played prior to application for the competition to determine suitability for the orchestra.  Musicians will play one movement from a concerto not to exceed 12 minutes.  The musician selected as the winner must play the same movement performed for the competition audition.

     All TCYS musicians interested in applying for the concerto competition must fill out the registration form on-line.  A recorded performance by the TCYS musician with accompanist must be provided to one of the TCYS conductors by the preliminary deadline of November 4, 2019. Students should make sure that the person who performs the accompaniment on the submitted recording, is also be available for the actual competition date.  Students shall perform their piece with their accompanist for the actual competition

     Once all applications and recordings have been submitted, the conductors will review all recordings. Students demonstrating a good command of their piece will be invited to participate in this year's competition.

     There will be three competition judges who have no affiliation with the orchestra or musicians competing.

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