Strings:  Catherine Sager (violin), Adam Savage (viola)
Winds/Percussion:  Abby Bracken (oboe), Sophie Bracken (clarinet)
Adam Curell, Catherine Villano, Grace O'Brien, Edward Sager, R. P. Franklin, Christian Estades, Isaac Roman, Esteban Roman, Hannah Bunyard, Paris Lopez

Adam Curell, Christian Estades, Amy Kutzler, Addison McGee, Zahava Misshula, Grace O'Brien, Kyle Ramos, Matthew Roberts, Adam Savage, Chloe Smith, Sarah Spector, Catherine Villano

Audition Information provided in

WQCS Interview with Conductor, Thomas Servinsky


Thomas Servinsky selected for Arts Leadership Award


     The Arts Council of Martin County recently selected Mr. Servinsky, one of our three conductors, to be recipient of the Arts Leadership Award in conjunction with the 2015 mARTies Awards.  The mARTies Awards pay tribute to the contributions that philanthropy, volunteerism and artistic excellence play in our lives and community.

     The presentation of this award to Mr. Servinsky was at an evening ceremony at St. Mary's Pittenger Center in Stuart on Tuesday, October 20th.

Our 2019 Scholarship and Grant Recipients...nearly $15,000 in scholarships and grants....again!

2021-2022 Scholarship and Grant Winners!

$9,300 Awarded

Our conductor and founder, Dr. John Enyart has been selected by the board and staff of the Martin County Arts Council and the mARTies committee as the 2017 award recipient in the named award category of “Lifetime Achievement in the Arts.” Dr. Enyart is being recognized for his fantastic commitment to the arts and the difference he has made through that commitment in enhancing the daily life of our community members.

The mARTies was created to shine a light on the most creative people in our community and to nurtureand develope the talent of our young artists.   Dr.  Enyart will be honored at the 2017 mARTies Awards celebration on Tuesday,

October 17, 2017 at the St. Mary's Pittenger Center, 701 SE Ocean Bouleavard in Stuart.

2019-2021 Scholarship and Grants Awards of Over $11,000 in Digital Ceremony During Covid-19

Left to right:  Kyle Ramos, Marianna Forero, Ashlyn McNerney, Jonah Buchanan, Spencer Clark, Tyler White, Jake Dunajewski, Kevin Li, Michael Elvidge,

Congratulations to TCYS 2016-2017 Director's Award Recipients!

(Left to Right)  Brooke Gunter (violin) Megan Savage, cello - Conductors,Thomas Servinsky, Dr. John Enyart, Benjamin Enyart - Jonathan Cooper (trumpet), Brendan Bosshardt (percussion) MORE...

Conductor's Awards

Strings:  Ava Gunter

Winds/Percussion:  Isaac Roman

Merit Scholarships

Strings: Ava Gunter, Giselle Arana-Cisneros, Andrea Martine, Zahava Misshula, Catherine Villano

Winds/Percussion:  Hannah Farmer, Alexandra Gerohristodoulos, Paris Lopez, Isaac Roman, Delwin Velasquez

2017 Merit Scholarship Awards

(Listed alphabetically)


Abby Bracken, Sophie Bracken, Andrew Chung,

Erica Lucio, Zoe Olson


Lincoln Buchanan, Daniel Lu, Amy Nicholas,

Catherine Sager, Phebe Sager

2017 Music Education Grant Recipients

(Listed alphabetically)

Angelina Alberto, Jillian Alberto, Abby Bracken, Sophie Bracken,

Angela Charles, Andrew Chung, Spencer Clark, Tanner Cox,

Marianna Forero, Devyn Garton, Ava Gunter, Brooke Gunter, Zach Hoffman, Amy Kutzler, Andrea Lora, Erick Lora, Erica Lucio, Kyla Marquardt, Ashlynn McNerney, Emma Niemczyk, Zoe Olson, Morgan O'Neil, Sarah Paprotna, Catherine Sager, Edward Sager, Phebe Sager, Adam Savage, Shane Savage, Cameron Slack, Gabrielle Small, Charlotte Strohl, Diego Teran

Treasure Coast Youth Symphony provides over $15,000 in scholarships and grants

to member musicians for the 2016-2017 season

Music Education Grant Awards

Lincoln Buchanan, Madelyn Bussom, Giselle Arana Cisneros, Adam Curell, Priscilla Delapaz, Andrew Lopez, Paris Lopez, Zahava Misshula, Dylan Robinson, Kimberly Savage, Eva Slonin, Andrew Whitlach

Left to right:  Thomas Servinsky, John Enyart, Sr., Adam Savage, Cameron Slack, Brandon Gunter, Zoe Olson, Brooke Gunter, Charlotte Strohl, Ben Enyart


Interview with Drew Mello of WQCS 88.9 FM and TCYS / Academy Orchestra conductor, Thomas Servinsky

Itzhak Perlman with TCYS Conductor, Thomas Servinsky, and TCYS musicians, Timothy Nicholas and Justin Gomez after Perlman concert in Fort Pierce!  The two TCYS musicians were

page turners for Mr. Perlman during the concert.