End of Year Awards Dinner (2019)

After you register and log in, select an activity from the drop down lists.  Please include a very brief note of what you did.

If you feel that your activity does not fall into one of the categories on the list, please contact us using "Send Message" on contact page.

NOTE:  For free phone app, look up


Why have we initiated volunteer time tracking?

     To recognize the value and importance of time contributed by our volunteers.

     To demonstrate and make evident the enthusiasm for the Treasure Coast Youth Symphony and support within the community.

     To help determine the real monetary value of volunteer time provided to the Treasure Coast Youth Symphony.

We thank the Treasure Coast Youth Symphony's volunteer conductors, administrators, parents, and others who have spent professional and personal hours worth well over $1,000,000 to the benefit of our young musicians and the community in whole.  Since 1987 countless hours have been spent by volunteers who instruct, conduct, and rehearse the musicians, manage and promote, and support orchestra activities.